My art form are my jewels
unique pieces, sculptures to wear


In 2014, after managing two important luxury boutiques in Pisa for 20 years, thanks to the meeting with a famous international art jewelry maker, I started my own project. I gave free rein to my creativity, energy, skill and professionalism until the creation of CV Chiara Voliani Gioielli Scultura.

Meanwhile, I was tied up to my first love, the world of clothing and search accessories, of beautiful art objects, made with the craftsmanship that distinguishes Made in Italy. Building on my decades of experience in selecting and selling high-quality products and on my ability to do research and relationships, I organize direct sales opportunities in the form of the trunk show or temporary sale.


I personally take care of the preparation of the spaces, the presentation of the products, customer relations and sale. Those who choose to host me have the opportunity to offer their customers high-end products, unique pieces offered exclusively, without engaging economically purchase.

The exhibition spaces I support are not always traditional shops, they are often less conventional.

However, a conceptual link always combines the objects for sale and the spaces that host them. The events I organize are confidential: I carefully select customers and offer them the opportunity to buy luxury products and unique pieces exclusively. I chose to do without a shop window and a fixed store: my shop is me, my person and my image.

My jewels are not making of jewellery or jewelry, let alone costume jewellery, but works of art. They are objects of art whose shape is manifested in jewels. I created them using the technique of sculpture and they belong to the world of art.

The material I use is a resin that I work by hand and that I turn into bracelets, earrings or rings. These items are covered in pure silver with a galvanized finish. They are unique pieces, all handmade, so no one is equal to another. From where I got the definition of sculpture-jewelry? It was coined by a customer in London during my trunk show, she told me: these are wearable sculptures!”


Here are some of the latest sales events that I have organized in various Italian locations.

To have the opportunity to visit my temporary shops you need to receive a reserved invitation.


These are the next scheduled sales events.

My Sculpture Jewels in the Luxury Perfumery StudiOlfattivo

On 29 and 30 January I will still be in Campania, where I will stop at the Luxury Perfumery StudiOlfatto. As usual, the exhibition will be by appointment, in compliance with anti-Covid regulations, so if interested you can contact me at 349 8227001 or at chiara.voliani@gmail.com For more information about the exhibit: Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi […]

First exhibit of 2021 at the Mirella Concept Store

On Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th I will inaugurate the new year with the first exhibit of 2021 by my friend Mirella Vitagliano in her Mirella Concept Store! As usual, the exhibition will be by appointment, in compliance with anti-Covid regulations, if interested you can contact me at 349 8227001 or at chiara.voliani@gmail.com Below all […]

My sculpture jewels for the first time at Laboratorio 13

Tuesday 3 and Wednesday 4 November Laboratorio 13, in Pescara, will host me for an exhibition of my creations. An unprecedented appointment in a real laboratory of ideas, where the constant search for particular fabrics and creations offers a unique experience tailored to the customer. The event will be by appointment so if interested you […]



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